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The symbol for Japan

What is the Symbol for Japan? The common symbols are Emperor and Temple. The most familiar symbol used for Japan is a “Toilet” ! You may be wondering “how is Japan like a toilet?”. The toilet clearly shows several Japanese characteristics. Today, I want to tell you about the 3 Japanese characteristics related to the “Toilet” 1) Personal Space Japanese dislike showing their back to others, the same as, historic Samurai and Ninja. Many Japanese say, that a bathroom stall is the most comfortable place. The toilet allows us, to escape from the stress of daily life. I have sometimes even heard a snore, coming from bathroom stall, in a Japanese office. […]

Enjoy slurping noodles

“What do you like about this country?” I have gone overseas only five times before. I can honestly state that the Japanese food culture is the best for me anywhere in the world. Please let me introduce 4 aspects of Japanese food culture.   1)“healthy Japanese dishes” I don’t mean food items but rather the order and timing to serve is great for health. If you eat fries first, your blood sugar rise sharply and it makes you fat. To avoid that, the waiter serve soup and vegetables first and the other dishes in order for good timing.   2)No need tipping in a restaurant. If you try to give […]