“What do you like about this country?”

I have gone overseas only five times before.

I can honestly state that the Japanese food culture is the best for me anywhere in the world.

Please let me introduce 4 aspects of Japanese food culture.


1)“healthy Japanese dishes”

I don’t mean food items but rather the order and timing to serve is great for health.

If you eat fries first, your blood sugar rise sharply and it makes you fat. To avoid that, the waiter serve soup and vegetables first and the other dishes in order for good timing.


2)No need tipping in a restaurant.

If you try to give them a tip in Japan, the waiter just refuses it.
They think that the salary paid by the employer ensures the sufficient services to customers. Even if you put tips on the table and go out of the restaurant, they will follow you to give the tip back to you.


3) Drink alcohol in public space in Japan

When I first came to the US, I was surprised we could not drink outside. However, there are only a few people drinking while walking in Japan.

There are some vending machine to buy an alcoholic drink.

We can eat and drink at outdoor events and in long-distance trains.

For example, we often drink and talk outside with colleague, friends, or family while looking at cherry blossom in the spring. We call this traditional event Ohanami.


4) Slurping noodles

I like Japanese noodles, soba and ramen.

I know slurping is rude in many countries.

But I like slurping noodles. There are two reason.

Primarily, slurping noodle increases flavor of these noodles and soup.

In addition, Japanese don’t find the sound rude.

On the contrary, the sound proves that the meal is delicious.


That is why I love the Japanese food culture.

“No tipping”, “Drinking outside is allowed” and “slurping noodles” may sound weird to you.

However, these are extremely natural customs, and they do make me feel comfortable and at home.

Please travel abroad, try new things, and experience different cultures.

As a result of intercultural experience, it is possible not only to broaden your mind but also to reevaluate your own country.

By that exercise, you muse notice which culture you like and what makes you happy.


Look for your favorite culture and enjoy slurping noodles!