What is the Symbol for Japan?

The common symbols are Emperor and Temple.

The most familiar symbol used for Japan is a “Toilet” !

You may be wondering “how is Japan like a toilet?”.

The toilet clearly shows several Japanese characteristics.

Today, I want to tell you about the 3 Japanese characteristics related to the “Toilet”

1) Personal Space

Japanese dislike showing their back to others, the same as, historic Samurai and Ninja. Many Japanese say, that a bathroom stall is the most comfortable place. The toilet allows us, to escape from the stress of daily life. I have sometimes even heard a snore, coming from bathroom stall, in a Japanese office.

2)Keeping clean

Modern Japanese toilets include self-cleaning functions.

We, Japanese keep their private parts clean by personal washing system, similar to a small French bidet.

We call this device a “wash-let”, which is a combination of the words, “wash” and “toilet”.  We also have a mobile wash-let.

My friends and I, bring a wash-let with us when we travel abroad, to keep our private areas clean.

3) Polite

You can see polite bow every day, everywhere in Japan.

More politeness is shown by a deep bow.

For example, we use a slight bow, just as a greeting to co-workers.

If you buy expensive watch at department store, the salesperson will maintain a deep bow, until you have completely left the room.

The most polite form of bow is a kneeling bow.

We seldom see the sitting bow in daily life, but you can see this bow by the toilet!

Some great Japanese have invented a polite toilet, which bow automatically.

When entering a bathroom stall, the lid is closed and bowing at 90 degrees.

After you enter a bathroom stall, the toilet works hard to keep your private parts clean. In addition, the lid also maintain the deepest bow, until you have completely left the room!

How polite!

This is a joke, but the toilet looks extremely polite.


That is why Japan is similar to a toilet!

It provides a personal space. It is very clean and also polite!

There is no Japanese Emperor, temple or shrine in the US.

However, people here come in contact with a toilet, multiple-times every day.

Therefore, here in the US – the toilet is the best symbol for Japan!


Please think of Japan, the next time you see a toilet!!